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Manufacturer countryKazakhstan
Device typeRotary half height
type of instalationFloor
type of driveElectromechanical
Passage width500 mm
Bandwidth  30 people/min
MTBF5,000,000 cycles
Device managementRemote Control
Emergency exitAutomatically falling booms
Console with buttons as standardYes
Radio key fob as standardNo
Standard control panelYes
Passage sensorYes
Indication  Light
Protection of equipment from water and dust IP  IP54
Vandal resistanceYes
Are common
Food  Network 220V
Voltage  220 V
Output current value2 A
Network surge protectionYes
Maximum operating temperature50 deg.
Length640 mm
Width683 mm
Height1050 mm
Weight38 kg
Warranty period  12 months
User characteristics

Ordering information

  • Price: 375 000 ₸

Turnstile MS - 2

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Electronic checkpoint based on MS-2 tripod turnstile with built-in readers.  Anti-panic bars and control panel. 2 remote contactless card readers (HID/EM-Marin) Reading range 6-8 cm. ICCard controller. Connection interface - Ethernet. The number of events stored in memory is at least 250,000.

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