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Manufacturer countryKazakhstan
Device typeTripod regular
Passage width1470 mm
Bandwidth  60 people/min
MTBF5,000,000 cycles
Emergency exitAutomatically falling booms
Console with buttons as standardYes
Passage sensorYes
Indication  Light
Vandal resistanceYes
Are common
Food  Network 220V
Output current value2 A
Length780 mm
Width1470 mm
Height1050 mm
Weight43 kg
Warranty period  12 months
User characteristics

Ordering information

  • Price: 750 000 ₸

Turnstile MS-3

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Turnstile with two entrances. 

    air no more than 70 without condensation.

    The turnstile is controlled from a control panel that provides access in any of two directions or complete blocking of the turnstile

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